Thursday, December 29, 2011

Another Earth Movie Review

I had high hopes for this movie. I know it's not a big "blockbuster" movie. But I thought I would be better than it was.

Me, I want fantasy, I want to step outside of reality. My view of reality here isn't that great. I long for something more, or at least the idea of something better or just different.

Another Earth did not provide something different. All it did is give you the idea that there is this parallel earth that may be the same, may be different, may be you could live another life with different choices and consequences, maybe it would be better...
MAYBE. That's all this movie was. It was good at posing the questions, but there were no answers. In a movie that by the very title and description should fall outside of reality, this movie did not.

Another Earth did not answer questions, and did not give us even a glimpse of life on this other Earth. We didn't get a fascinating story line, it's just a normal story that anybody might have lived. A minor was driving drunk, killed a family, and was sent to jail for 4 years. The father/husband survived, after being in a coma. The story revolves around their lives after this tragedy and how they are coping with reality. This other earth and chance at another life, a different life, one where his family lived, and she didn't kill them. Yes the possibility was there, but nothing was shown to us, no questions of this other earth were answered, no visions were given, not even life as a dream. NOTHING except harsh reality and questions. Nothing to make me think, "oh this could be better, this could take me out of my reality into a better world." That's what I wanted to see, and failed to see.

Of course this isn't a real movie, we haven't found a parallel earth, but since this movie presented the Idea to us, it should have Shown us the possibilities!

But my opinion is just my opinion, while I am living a failed life, while I had to go and write about my life before I posted this review to show people where I am coming from.

All in all it's an average movie, it's a good drama. I deals with pain, loss, decisions and consequences. And what would happen if you made another choice. If you like dramas that deal with life, a life not your own, then by all means watch it, it's a great movie for you. But presenting it as this fantasy, alternate reality type of movie, that just didn't get me to like the movie.

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Richard White said...

Clearly you have the intelligence and emotional range of a spoon!!!

Another Earth is understated, deeply moving and the fact that the film is science fiction but doesn't need to rely and depend on the over use of CGI and digital effects is truly refreshing. This film is inspiring, captivating and most of all, human! with out every five minuets having to scream "hello I am a sci-fi film, look at me, look at me" the out come is much more subtle, tender and most defiantly current to 2012!! Quite honestly infinitely more interesting than the overly cliché sci-fi imagery used on films previous.

By the way, the genre for 'Another Earth' is in-fact listed as 'American science fiction/drama' yes, "slash drama"

In my opinion, worthy of being call art. Many people will most defiantly disagree with me, fair enough, christ if I haven't learned nothing else from this film, diverse human thoughts, feeling and opinions are to be celebrated.

At the end of the day.. take the time to watch the film, you my be pleasantly surprised, or not. You decide.

Richard White said...
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xmx said...

Richard I agree with you 100% 'Another Earth' takes the viewer to places and thoughts that only the truly open minded (IQ above 60) can reach. I love your 'emotional range of a spoon'

Michelle K said...

My point was that this did not show "another earth" outside reality. It showed Earth. Period. It was a drama. In general it was a B movie.