Thursday, December 07, 2006

Never Ceese by Sue Dent

This week the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance is doing a tour for Never Ceese by Sue Dent. It is notable that Sue is one of our CFBA members!


Sue Dent was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi and currently resides in Ridgeland. When not writing, Sue designs websites and works with digital photograpy.

Sue loves to hear from her fans through her Website in fact, the push from eager readers has already set the ball rolling, and she's hard at work on Forever Richard, the sequel.

In Never Ceese, Sue sets out to prove that faith and fun can live happily in the same story, and that vampire/werewolf fantasy can have a spiritual message too.


Never Ceese is a new kind of Christian fantasy; a vampire/werewolf fantasy that does not glorify the evil elements of it. But instead brings light into the darkness.
Like it says in John 1:5 "And the Light shines on in the darkness, for the darkness has never overpowered it [put it out or absorbed it or appropriated it, and is unreceptive to it]."

The story starts with the classic tale of an English manor, a gothic castle owned by Richard, the vampire who is always getting on the nerves of his neighbor Peter because of the goats of his that are being killed.

Cecelia, better known as Ceese, who is the young woman who is also a werewolf, arrives at the castle via invitation of Richard's aging companion, Penelope. And this isn't any ordinary invitation, it is by telepathy and it took Ceese 50 years to get there!
Ceese and Richard extremely dislike each other from the start, and would literally tear each other to shreds if not for their mutual love for Penny. She is the only one drawing them together. She is dying and her only request is for the two of them to learn to like each other and get along. She believes that for them to be cured, they must find the cure together.
This theme runs throughout Dent's interesting tale of two who were wronged but learn to work together. Meanwhile they are threatened by an evil stem cell researcher Dr. Clayton Henderson who wants the immortality and power that he thinks their blood will bring him! He uses Cassie, his research assistant to bring Ceese and Richard to the city. He also uses her roomate and his friends to kidnap them and bring them to him.

Dent's characters are not mindless, brutal killers. They are bloodthirsty, yes, but they are constantly resisting the urge to kill, and, thus, curse another human. Feeding on virtually any warm-blooded animal helps to satiate the never ending thirst for blood, but will they forever be able to resist that most delicious morsel man?

There is a chance that their curses can actually be lifted if they can find the strength within to resist their selfish natures and act selflessly toward another. Will they succeed? This is a same basic choice that we all have to make every day..."Can two who were wronged make it right? One selfless act--by their faith."
A vampire and a werewolf, one determined to, once again, be able to say God's name and speak of holy things without it hurting her, and gain her rightful place in Heaven that she once had chosen, and had taken away from her. The other, not so sure he wants to change anymore, he doesn't care to speak of God, he seems to be more settled into his life. Can she help him find the faith he once had? A spiritual fantasy designed to spark the imagination, to speak to the heart as well as entertain.
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